Heading out for a run? Give your feet the right support – and prevent blisters – with the best running socks, tried and tested by Lucy Miller.

It might be tempting to throw on any old socks when going for a run – but what you wear inside your running shoes matters. From preventing blisters to wicking away sweat, the best running socks can make a huge difference to your daily run and overall progress.

Our tester, Lucy Miller, has tried and tested the following socks, paying close attention to functionality, comfort and style. Each pair of socks was tested during runs of various distances and terrains, to bring you the very best of the best.

Best running socks for women

  1. Stance Run Light Crew Sock (stance.eu.com)
  2. Stance Run Quarter Sock (stance.eu.com)
  3. Lorpen T3 Trail Running ECO (lorpen.co.uk)
  4. Gymshark Lightweight Running Crew Socks (shop.gymshark.com)
  5. UA ArmourDry™ Playmaker Mid-Crew Socks (underarmour.com)

Keep reading for our full reviews.

stance run crew socks

1. Stance Run Light Crew Sock

£16.99, stance.eu.com

What the brand says: Sitting at mid-calf, these socks are designed to control your temperature while you work up a sweat. The lightweight design also offers a breathable barrier between your foot and shoe with select cushioning for added comfort. Strengthened with Infiknit™ fibers in the places most prone to wear, the durable material promises to never rip nor tear.

What we say: ‘These super comfy socks sat mid-calf providing cushioning and support for my entire foot bed ankle shins and calves. The length also stopped any chaffing around the back of the heel. The material was seamless around the toes which made them comfy on long runs and beyond – and the socks are made with Infiknit™ yarn with added polyester, combed cotton and elastane for added stretch and robustness. Infact – if you get a hole or rip, Stance will replace them thanks to their lifetime guarantee. Now that’s what we call brand confidence!’

Functionality: 5/5
Style: 3/5
Comfort: 4/5

stance run quarter sock

2. Stance Run Quarter Sock

£15.99, stance.eu.com

What the brand says: Essential runner socks, these are designed to endure the fundamentals of every day running. These lightweight socks offer a breathable barrier between your foot and shoe with supportive cushioning, while Infiknit™ technology creates a durable sock that never rips or tears. Landing at just above your ankle, these socks are the mid-point between Stance’s low and crew heights.

What we say: ‘If you like your socks hidden yet secure inside your shoe these socks sit low around the ankle and are made with a non-slip grip material that made you feel a little more locked into your running trainers. The material felt durable and thick but still allowed my feet to breathe nicely whilst the arch support and cushioning supported my wide and flat feet perfectly, even when moving for hours and when my feet started to swell.’

Functionality: 5/5
Style: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5

lorpen t3 trail running socks

3. Lorpen T3 Trail Running ECO

£18, lorpen.co.uk

What the brand says: A sustainable sock made for high performance when trail running. Maximum T3 performance and SLS technology combine to provide a fully reinforced and very hard-wearing sock, while Coolmax® EcoMade technology provides the long-lasting freshness you would expect from the Coolmax® brand, but produced with 97 per cent recycled materials to help the environment. This polyester fibre is also made from 100 per cent recycled PET bottles, offering continuous moisture wicking.

What we say: ‘These hard-wearing socks were light and supportive – the colours were fun and the extra cushioning in the heel and toe with extra compression around the arch felt super comfortable thanks to the stabilizer wrap technology. The thickness was perfect – not too thick and the Nylon-blend material dried quickly even on the warmest of days. They didn’t retain any heat either so my feet stayed cool during my entire run and didn’t slip around even when going down the steepest of hills.’

Functionality: 5/5
Style 5/5
Comfort 5/5

gymshark lightweight

Gymshark Lightweight Running Crew Socks

£15, shop.gymshark.com

What the brand says: All of the performance with none of the discomfort, these premium Crew Socks feature a padded lip to the heel for a smooth footfall. With high-stretch material, breathable fabric, left/right foot indicators and terry-knit around the midsole, these supportive socks will travel through every step with you, whether you’re running, lifting or living.

What we say: ‘With its neatly placed Gymshark logo on the shin, these mid-crew socks sat comfortably around my calves and were made from a stretchy comfortable material that’s neither not too tight – or loose – there was certainly no sliding down, or bunching mid-run. The socks offer a lightweight material that breathes well yet offers a supportive terry-knit material around the mid-foot and padded section in the toe and heel area which helped support these high-pressured areas that can often tire and become uncomfortable as you run.

Functionality 4/5
Style 5/5
Comfort 4/5

under armour

5. UA ArmourDry™ Playmaker Mid-Crew Socks

£16, underarmour.com

What the brand says: Featuring knit material with ultra-fast drying ArmourDry® yarns, which disperses moisture and allows sweat to evaporate quickly, these socks keep your feet light, dry and cool. The sweat-activated, two-way grip ArmourGrip™ yarns in the forefoot also prevent foot slippage in socks and shoes to keep you stable while running. There’s also dynamic cushioned arch support, anti-odor technology, mesh ventilation zones, max cushioning in toe, forefoot and heel, and 360° ankle cushioning.

What we say: ‘Made with ArmourDry® yarns, Under Armour has named these to be the fastest-drying socks ever and thanks to their anti-odour technology – they stayed stink-free too. Runners will also like the thicker cushioning and added protection in the toe, forefoot and heel area as well as the mesh ventilation zones on top of the foot that kept us cool during hot summer runs. They are a great price and felt very grippy in our shoes even when our feet got wet and were prone to move around when dodging rocks, roots, and potholes. These are classic-looking socks yet produced using breathable, quick-drying technology. Available in two colours too; black and grey or white and grey.’

Functionality 5/5
Style 3/5
Comfort 4/5


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