Bestselling author, broadcaster and mum-of-three, Giovanna Fletcher, talks about the benefits of walking this Christmastime, and her new collection with Regatta

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What do you enjoy doing at Christmas?

‘I think Christmas is such a magical time because it’s great for both getting outside and snuggling at home. As a mum of small children, getting everyone outdoors for a walk while it’s bright outside is hugely important to me.

‘If we’re going on a sizeable walk, I’ll put a flask of hot chocolate in my backpack – just in case anyone’s a bit grumbly and they need further incentive. Pulling it out really boosts everyone’s spirits, and then we can cosy up afterwards to do crafts or watch Home Alone or Elf when it’s dark.’

How do you stay sane?

‘I don’t do pampering but I love getting outside for a walk, whether that’s trekking far and wide or walking around the same field relentlessly. It’s always been my escape and my form of mindfulness, long before mindfulness was even a thing! And now that I’m doing two charity treks a year for CoppaFeel!, I need to keep walking.

‘I’ve become one of those people that sets their alarm at 6am so I can get up, do some boxing in my office, shower and be there for when the kids wake up. If I don’t get my fitness in at the start of the day, I feel like I’m chasing it.’

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Do you consider yourself to be an active person?

‘I do! I love boxing now, and it makes me feel really good. I don’t know what I’m doing, necessarily, but I play powerful female anthems, jump around, punch my punching bag and get a big release of endorphins. There’s been a brilliant shift in terms of how we look at any form of fitness now.

‘Years ago, I think we used to exercise to almost punish our bodies and be a certain dress size, whereas now, we do those activities for our brain. Fitness is a mental thing for me. I can feel a bit “urgh” if I haven’t had the chance to walk or run or box, especially when I’m working all the time.’

regatta jovie coatWhat inspired your collection of coats with Regatta?

‘My collection with Regatta is about making you warm enough so that you can go and do anything. And that’s my goal in life. I never want to be in clothes that hold me back.

‘Right now I’m living in the Jovie jacket, £100 (pictured right), which is durable and waterproof, but also looks good while doing the school run or the weekly shop. I might not have the most fashionable way of looking at life, but I feel you shouldn’t be restricted by what you’re wearing, and your clothes should allow you to live to the fullest.’

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What’s your definition of good health?

‘It’s about enjoying a mixture of everything. Good health is not being too militant about one way being the right way, and instead being a bit flexible with life and enjoying it. It’s about looking after your mind and realising that certain things you do are for the soul. A plate of pasta is as much for your soul as it is for your body, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.’

The Regatta x Giovanna Fletcher AW22 collection includes eight coats and jackets, all with a practical, durable water-repellent finish and insulation for warmth. Prices start from £90, and four of the jackets are made from recycled plastic bottles. Visit

Words: Joanna Ebsworth | Images: Regatta Great Outdoors