Singer, actress and media personality, Louise Redknapp, 47, talks about her pop career, staying in shape and how she maintains her youthful glow…

How important is exercise to you?

Louise Redknapp: ‘Fitness has always been a huge part of my life but I’ve never really been a gym bunny. I’m one of those people – if I plan a gym session and then a friend rings to meet me for dinner and drinks, I’ll definitely choose the latter. Obviously, I have always been into dance and I have been lucky enough to have personal trainers over the years, so I’ll try to do some sort of work out three times a week.

‘One of my trainers was Bradley Simmonds, who used to come to the house to train me, Jamie [Redknapp’s ex-husband] and our eldest son, and he was great. It is so good to see him continue to smash it in the fitness industry.

‘Most nights you’ll find me on the Peloton bike, watching television like Love Island. Then there is Pilates, which I’m totally obsessed with. I’m so lucky that one of my best friends is a Pilates teacher, so we have great sessions together as I love exercising in a social environment. I love reformer Pilates, too. It’s a great way to exercise, tone and lengthen your body.’

You always seem to have a glow. How do you achieve it?

‘Gosh, you must see me sweating somewhere. Seriously though, I think it has something to do with the make-up I wear and the products I put on my skin. I have always used quite a dewy base on my face which perhaps gives it a slight shine. I prefer a natural look to a full-on face of glam make-up.’

How do you manage to stay so grounded?

‘I have absolutely no reason not to be grounded. I am very aware I have had an amazing life and a great career, which has not come easy and has required a lot of hard work. As long as I surround myself with the right people, I am OK.

‘My two sons are my absolute world. The media speculate why I am not out there in the papers being photographed dating or with a new man on my arm, but I have not chosen to take that path. My priority is and always will be to be the best mum I can to my kids, who are my pride and joy.

‘Charlie and Beau are incredible kids. Now Charlie has gone to university in Arizona to follow his love of rugby, it is going to be very hard for me to be apart from him, but it’s important he follows his dreams.’

What are your beauty secrets?

‘I have spoken really honestly about the issues I have with my skin pigmentation, both in interviews and in my book. So when Nivea approached me to collaborate with them on a new product to tackle pigmentation and brown spots, I was really chuffed. As a brand I grew up seeing my grandmother use, Nivea has been around for so long, with such a huge reputation, so I was flattered they felt
I was the right fit.

‘People think skin pigmentation is caused by too much time in the sun, but mine was also pregnancy hormones, being on the contraceptive pill and other things that flared up the pigmentation. Now I can see the product working its magic on my skin and it is definitely helping.’

Finally, what are you working on at the moment?

‘I have got my greatest hits album coming out next year, which is exciting as I have five new songs on it. As a singer, I’m loving the fact my music has been revived, and I get such a buzz from doing all the live gigs and festivals I have been invited to perform at. And I absolutely adore doing West End theatre. I hope to get back on the stage again soon.’

NIVEA has appointed singer songwriter Louise Redknapp as the face and brand ambassador for its NIVEA Cellular Luminous360 range, designed to lighten the appearance of dark spots or uneven skin tone. For more details, visit

Words: Suzanne Baum | Photography: Oliver Pearce