Looking for a new pair of earphones but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with this tried and tested pair from tech pioneers, Shokz. Read on for our full review of the Shokz OpenFit earphones.

If you love listening to music and motivational podcasts while you train but hate feeling disconnected from the world, listen up. Open-ear technology pioneers Shokz have launched a revolutionary new product to help transform the way you hear your surroundings during exercise and so you can take your walks, runs, and bike rides to new heights. Enter our review of the Shokz OpenFit earphones.

Shokz OpenFit


Unlike traditional earbuds and overhead earphones that block out ambient sound, the Shokz OpenFit, £179 offer a true-wireless open-ear design. On test, this allowed us to listen to our favourite tunes while still being able to hear conversations and stay connected to our environment. Using cutting edge design and technology, OpenFit utilises DirectPitchTM   Air conduction technology to send sound waves into the ear without having to push in an earbud or completely cover the outer ear, which also means you get zero pressure or heat build-up.

shokz openfit earphones

OpenFit utilises DirectPitchTM Air conduction technology to send sound waves into the ear

Are they comfortable to wear?

For comfort alone, the OpenFit scored full marks with us, thanks to the featherlight construction and an ultra-soft, double-layered silicone design that moulds gently to the contours of your ears for a seamless fit. That said, the joyous barely-there comfort factor in no way compromises the OpenFit’s wearability during workouts. We found the innovative Dolphin Arc Ear Hooks ensured a secure and stable fit to prevent the earpieces from slipping, even during intense workouts, and we found they even stayed in place when worn with glasses or sunglasses during workouts.

Sweat proof, with an IP54 water resistance, we also found you could get up to seven hours of listening on a single charge, and the protective charging case extends the earbuds to 28 hours of all-day listening, while a quick five-minute charge gives one hour of battery life. Available in black or beige and suitable for both Android and Apple phones, other stand out features include the simple to use controls that can be customised in the Shokz app, as well as a dual noise-cancelling microphone so you can enjoy crystal clear calls on the go.

Best of all, the rich sound quality allows for full immersion in songs, podcasts and audiobooks while permitting awareness of conversations, traffic, and footsteps (or speeding kids on scooters) coming up behind you – essential if you’re a cyclist on the road or training alone.

Our review of the Shokz Openfit earphones in short: they’re a worthy investment you definitely won’t regret.


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Words: Joanna Ebsworth. Images: Shokz.