• 8 best stretches

    8 best stretches

    9 May 2020

    Stretching should be an essential part of every training plan. Stretch at the end of every workout to avoid tightness in the muscles and reduce injury risk. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds and do them all at…

  • Foam roller moves

    Foam roller moves

    7 May 2020

    Feeling tight after your workout? It’s time to get foam rolling. Foam rolling helps to reduce muscle pain and increase blood flow, using your body weight to apply pressure to any knots or tight spots. Known as ‘self-myofascial release’ and…

  • 6 moves for great legs

    6 moves for great legs

    7 May 2020

    Shape and tone your legs with these great moves you can do almost anywhere. Aim to perform two to three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. The last few reps should be challenging. Reps and sets Beginners: 2 sets of…

  • Improve your posture

    Improve your posture

    6 May 2020

    Improving your posture will enable you to stand taller, look slimmer and feel more confident. Try these effective moves by personal trainer Anne-Marie Lategan. Four-point abdominal brace Four point abdominal brace   Works the core and pelvic floor. Kneel on…

  • 4 moves for better arms

    4 moves for better arms

    6 May 2020

    Shape, tone strengthen your arms with this workout that can be done anywhere. Exercising your arms will not only make them look shapely and toned in T-shirts and sleeveless tops, but it will also make daily tasks like lifting heavy…

  • 7 home workouts to stay fit

    7 home workouts to stay fit

    30 April 2020

    Staying active and being healthy is now more important than ever, but figuring out how to exercise effectively within the confines of your house can be tricky. While there are many obvious physical benefits to exercise, physical activity also causes…