Ready for a challenge? Try this functional fitness HIIT workout to take your training sessions to the next level…

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most efficient and yet strangely fun ways to get super fit, fast. But if you’re after rapid gains to help you perform better in everyday life, look to functional exercises to really rev up your results.

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Enter F45 Training. A global fitness phenomenon, F45 is a world-famous workout class, highly regarded for its results-driven circuits and sequences. Want to try it? You don’t have to head to an F45 studio to give it a go because F45 trainer, Maria Winson, has created a classic workout circuit that you can do at home or on holiday.

‘What I love about training in the F45-style is that, before you can fatigue too much, each exercise is over and you’re on to the next move,’ raves Winson. ‘It’s constantly challenging you to use every part of your body to complete a move. Before you know it, 45 minutes is done and you feel incredible as a result.’

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How to do this functional fitness HIIT workout:

Do each of the following moves for 40 seconds, then take 15 seconds of rest before repeating another 40 seconds of work. When you’ve completed three sets, take 60 seconds of rest and then move on to the next exercise. Ready?

Meet your trainer

Personal trainer and theatre performer, Maria Winson, coaches at F45 Maida Vale, Kensal Green, London, and her aim is to help clients become their strongest self. She is passionate about keeping fitness fun and encourages people from all walks of life to train at F45

Functional Fitness HIIT Workout

dumbbell punches functional fitness hiit workout dumbbell punches functional fitness hiit workout

Dumbbell punches

Works the shoulder muscles and pumps up heart rate to kick off the workout.

  1. Take a staggered stance with soft knees (if you’re right-handed, have your left foot forward; left-handed, right foot forward). Bring your weights up into a boxing guard, just under your chin.
  2. Punch one hand forward (A), twisting through the body and extending the arm out. Bring it back to your chin and repeat using the other hand (B).
  3. Punch and twist repeatedly for 40 seconds. Choose a set of light weights or perform these punches without any weights for the first set.

burpee shuffle functional fitness hiit workout burpee shuffle functional fitness hiit workout

Burpee shuffle

A great cardio move that will really work the quadriceps muscles.

  1. Start standing with feet about hip-width apart. Jump up into the air, extending your arms overhead (A), and then immediately drop to a high plank position on the ground (B).
  2. With hands stacked underneath your shoulders, jump your feet towards your hands and rise up into a squat position, making sure you keep your chest up (C).
  3. Staying in the squat position, shuffle two steps to one side and two steps back to centre. Repeat from the top.
dumbbell renegade row functional fitness hiit workout dumbbell renegade row functional fitness hiit workout

Dumbbell renegade row

A great cardio move for strength, balance and stabilisation. Works triceps, rhomboids and obliques.

  1. Place two dumbbells on the ground about shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on the dumbbells and take a full plank position, on your toes with your feet about hip-width apart for stability.
  2. Row one arm up (A), keeping your arm and elbow close to the body, pulling the weight back towards your hip.
  3. Return the weight to the floor and repeat on the other side (B). Keep the elbow high and squeeze your biceps at the top.
squat lunge squat


A plyometric combo that will really work the leg and glute muscles.

  1. Start in a squat position, then jump up and switch legs mid-air to land in a lunge stance, with both knees at a 90-degree angle and
    left foot forward (A).
  2. Jump back up into the air again, using your arms to aid the jump and increase power. Then switch legs mid-air to land back in the squat position (B).
  3. Jump back into the air, switching legs again to land back in the lunge, with the right foot forward this time (C).
  4. Continue jumping, changing legs (left foot forward, right foot forward) with each lunge jump. Add a pulse to your lunges for an extra challenge.
hurdle jumps functional fitness hiit workout

Hurdle jumps

Great for strength, power, balance and muscle control.

Start standing next to the hurdle.

  1. If you don’t have a hurdle, use a stack of weights or find a stair to jump up to.
  2. Bend your knees (A) and drive your arms up to aid momentum as you jump over the hurdle (B).
  3. Land on the other side with soft knees (C), then jump back to the first side.
  4. When jumping, lean in towards the hurdle. This is the direction you want to travel and it helps you spring into the next hurdle jump.

v ups functional fitness hiit workout


Works the rectus abdominis and helps to build up core strength.

  1. Lie flat on the floor, then stretch your arms and legs out straight, slightly raised of the ground (A).
  2. Raise your legs higher and bring your shoulders off the floor, squeezing your core muscles to try to meet your feet and hands in the middle (B).
  3. Lower back with control, then repeat.
  4. If you find it a challenge, bring both knees in as you raise your arms. If you want to progress, hold a dumbbell, but ensure your form stays the same.

lying leg raises functional fitness hiit workout lying leg raises functional fitness hiit workout

Lying leg raises

A finisher move that allows you to focus on using your core as your heart-rate comes down. Works lower abdominal muscles and improves hip-flexor flexibility.

  1. Lie flat on your back with hands either down by your waist or tucked under your pelvis to
    support your lower back.
  2. Raise both legs into the air (A), focusing on using your lower core muscles to raise your legs.
  3. Lower your legs slowly (don’t let them drop), stopping just before they hit the floor (B). Engage your abs and raise them up again, repeat.

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