Want to eat healthily without the hassle? A new breed of delivery services is waiting to bring good food to your door…

By Sarah Sellens

The best recipe box in the UK | Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef (from £5.75pp)

Do you care about the carbon footprint of your food? Good news! In a pioneering move, Mindful Chef is the first recipe box company to launch a Low Carbon range.

This means that you’ll be able to select recipes that are not only delicious but also in line with the WWF’s (World Wildlife Fund’s) target of reducing dietary related emissions. Impressive.

Gousto Food Blog - Cooking Ideas & Kitchen Hacks from Gousto

Gousto (from £24 for two meals for two people)

Popular healthy meal delivery service Gousto is giving customers the chance to whip up dinners that have been approved by Joe Wicks. Including light twists on rich classics, The Body Coach has tried them as meals he himself would cook for dinner. What’s more, Gousto has over 60 recipes on the menu each week!

SimpleFoods™ – Simple Foods

SimpleFoods (from £2.95)

Guilty of letting your food delivery products go bad in the fridge? Try new frozen food delivery service SimpleFoods. This company flash-freezes chef-made portions of smoothies, snacks and desserts, plus proteins, super grains and veggies, so you can enjoy them at a time that suits you.

Plant-Based Recipe Kits | Vegan Recipe Box Delivery – GRUBBY

Grubby (from £26 for two recipes)

If you’re vegan or simply want to dabble with meat-free meals, Grubby is a 100 per cent plant-based food delivery subscription box that provides pre-measured portions and accompanying recipe cards. Customers get the occasional freebie in their box, too!

The #1 Recipe Box - Food Delivered to your Door | HelloFresh

WW HelloFresh (from £1.30pp)

If you’re on a wellness or weight-loss journey, WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has teamed up  with HelloFresh to make healthy eating even easier. The recipes in the Calorie Smart range are all under 600 calories and feature WW PersonalPoints values. Expect lean protein, fruit,  vegetables and complex carbohydrates, not to mention super-yummy meals!

Retail Range

MunchFit (from £7.99)

When you’re training hard, you might not have time to cook meals that support your goals – that’s where MunchFit comes in.

Offering prepared food designed by Michelin-trained chefs and elite nutritionists, MunchFit plans include the Lean, Balanced, Strong+ and Green menus. Perfect for fuelling active bodies!

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