The TV presenter, style queen and mum of three, Rochelle Humes, tells us about her new collection of jackets for Regatta and why she now loves outdoor workouts…

By Joanna Ebsworth (Photography:

How important is it to you to stay active?

Rochelle Humes: ‘It’s really important. The reality is I need to stay fit and healthy for my kids, but I also feel genuinely better when I’m active. When I’m busy with work and I can’t work out in the way that I normally would, I notice a big difference in how I mentally and physically feel. Sometimes, doing exercise can feel like a hassle, but I really miss it when I can’t do it.

‘It’s a classic cliché, but I really do enjoy the endorphin rush. I feel better about myself, not from a visual perspective but from a mental one – I’m more focused.’

rochelle humes

Rochelle wearing the Winslow Jacket from the Rochelle Humes X Regatta collection.

Do you prefer indoor workouts or being among nature?

Rochelle Humes: ‘I like a combination of the two. To be honest, I probably only ever worked out indoors before lockdown. But once we were all locked away, working out and being outdoors for an hour a day became such a treat for everybody.

‘If you weren’t outdoorsy before lockdown, you definitely were afterwards! Now, I love exercising outside, and I’ve even done bootcamp classes.’

What are your favourite pieces from the Regatta collection?

Rochelle Humes: ‘Right now, I’m really into layering a tailored puffa jacket over my activewear, so I adore the metallic bronze Keava Jacket (£90), as it gives a chic ski look. I also love the cream Winslow Jacket (£100), because it has a detachable hood with a faux fur lining so it’s really transitional.

‘I love dressing up, and I like to look like me and still feel fashionable while being protected from the elements, even if I’m only walking my dog Ginger or taking my son Blake out in the buggy.’

What’s your food philosophy?

Rochelle Humes: ‘It’s definitely “everything in moderation”. Life’s too short not to try a bit of everything! Balance is the key to a happy life, but it can be a really hard thing to strive for because we can’t control everything life throws at us.

‘However, when it comes to food, I think it’s easier than you think because you’re in charge of what you put in your body. I try to make smart choices and have a healthy, balanced diet from Monday to Friday, but at the weekends I’ll eat exactly what I want. If I want the cake, I’m gonna eat the cake!’

rochelle humes

Rochelle wearing the Keavu Jacket from the Rochelle Humes X Regatta collection.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy some me-time?

Rochelle Humes: ‘All I want is a nice hot bath at the end of the day once my kids arein bed – and maybe a little glass of wine if I’m being really indulgent. That “switch off” is all the meditation I need, when I haven’t got my business brain or mum brain on and no one’s asking me to do things for them.

‘When I’m Zen, I like to have a good gossip with my girlfriends and put the world to rights! A spa weekend would also be fabulous, but within the realms of possibility, a bath helps me switch off and reset.’

The Rochelle Humes X Regatta Collection is available in sizes 8-20, and prices start from £60. Recycled materials have been used in part of the collection, with one jacket made from 35 plastic bottles. Visit

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