The Queen of Saturday night TV, Tess Daly, tells us how she stays fit, healthy and fabulous…

By Joanna Ebsworth (Photography: Christian Vermaak)

How do you prepare for filming a new series?

‘A new series is a chance for me to get myself new-season ready; a bit like a personal MOT if you like! This means I will work a little harder on my fitness in preparation for the 15-hour studio days, upping my gym sessions from two to three per week while continuing with my daily yoga practice (usually a 20-minute online class).

‘I might also do an extra evening stretch class before bed, as it helps relax my mind as well as my body, and induces a better quality of sleep. Sleep is vital when every waking hour counts! We all look and feel a whole lot better for it.’

tess daly

Tess Daly: ‘Sleep is vital when every waking hour counts! We all look and feel a whole lot better for it.’

How essential is fitness to your wellbeing?

‘Keeping fit makes me feel strong and healthy. It means I can achieve my daily goals, cover that to-do list and still have enough energy left to keep up with my kids! I know sometimes I may not feel like it beforehand but I always feel better after a workout.

‘My trainer, Sam Shaw of Lemon Studios, will be so happy to hear me admit that, since it’s his whole philosophy in a nutshell!’

What are your backstage health heroes?

‘My job means spending a lot of time with screens, either in front of the screen or designing the new collection for my swimwear range NAIA BEACH.

‘The health and beauty essentials I always have on hand for filming include a moisture mask that I’ll leave on for 10 minutes before make-up and a massaging foot roller which helps prep my feet ready for a day in heels.

‘I also bring along throat pastilles to help keep the vocal cords lubricated and my trusty Artelac Every Day Eye Drops (£8.99) to help keep my eyes feeling soothed and refreshed under the camera lights.’

How do you maintain your energy levels?

‘My energy levels are really reliant upon my diet, so I take care to consume lots of whole foods which make up the bulk of my meal prep.

‘I am really interested in gut health and believe that if you look after the gut, you will see so many benefits, from a reinforced immune system, to a healthier heart and brain, better digestive system and better quality of sleep.

‘I also take vitamin nutritional supplements, which help my energy levels enormously. A favourite is the Wellwoman Energy Tablets (£5.35 for 10) which have guarana extract. They dissolve in water, and I put one in my water bottle every day.’

tess daly

Tess Daly: ‘Life is short and I want to thrive and not just survive.’

What are you most grateful for in life?

‘The two things in life I’m most grateful for are family – it’s their love that makes my world go around – and, of course, good health, which I take full responsibility for maintaining. Life is short and I want to thrive and not just survive.’

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