• Five ways to revamp your beauty routine

    Five ways to revamp your beauty routine

    29 January 2021

    Take some simple steps to keep your skin looking its best says Louise Pyne. With beauty services closed as a result of a third national lockdown, it can be tempting to let your usual routine take a backseat – but…

  • How to turbo-charge your energy levels

    How to turbo-charge your energy levels

    28 January 2021

    Feeling a bit sluggish? These diet tips will help to fight fatigue and ensure you feel fantastic. By Louise Pyne. The pandemic has forced us all to re-evaluate our lives. You might be working from home and managing a relentless…

  • Five ways to connect with nature

    Five ways to connect with nature

    27 January 2021

    We might not be able to spend as much time as we’d like in the great outdoors at the moment but making the most of the outside world can help to lower stress levels, improve immunity, slash your risk of…

  • Five ways to boost your weight loss

    Five ways to boost your weight loss

    26 January 2021

    Slim down and get in the best shape of your life with these everyday strategies. Have you hit a weight loss plateau? From slimming apps to food delivery services, there are so many tools to help you to get the…

  • Five tips for better sleep

    Five tips for better sleep

    23 January 2021

    Rework your slumber routine and you might just get the rest you’re longing for… Lockdown might mean that you’ve changed your everyday schedule. Without the usual daily structure you’re accustomed to, and more time spent at home, you might feel…

  • Boost your mental fitness

    Boost your mental fitness

    21 January 2021

    F45 Trainer, Holly Balan, explains why exercise not only keeps you physically fit but mentally fit too… Engaging in exercise to look after our bodies is amazing, but we should not neglect what is arguably the most important organ in…

  • Exercise and your periods

    Exercise and your periods

    19 January 2021

    Should you rest or have an easy workout when you have your period, or can you still achieve your exercise goals? We asked three fitness professionals to reveal how they train around their cycles. Words: Sarah Sellens. ‘I dread having…

  • ‘I turned my health around’

    ‘I turned my health around’

    12 January 2021

    Lauren Johnson Reynolds is a backing singer-turned-homeopath, nutritionist and life coach and talks about launching her business in lockdown and finally finding balance. Words: Jo Ebsworth. ‘Touring as a professional singer with the likes of Rod Stewart, Rita Ora, Take That…

  • How To Eat Less Sugar

    How To Eat Less Sugar

    9 January 2021

    So, we all know sugar isn’t good for us but the problem is that sugar, often in large quantities is turning up in unexpected places, so it’s not always so easy to make the healthiest choices. Gudrun Jonsson, Author of…

  • Eat to avoid injury risk

    Eat to avoid injury risk

    2 January 2021

    A sensible training plan that allows for rest and which doesn’t overuse muscle groups is key to minimising your injury risk, but your diet also plays an important role. So, what should you eat to stay off the bench? Here…


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