Each phase of your menstrual cycle is characterized by a specific energetic shift, desire, and inclination toward movement. Try this menstrual cycle workout plan from P.volve’s Phase & Function programme to capitalize on exactly what your body, and your hormones, have to offer at each phase of your cycle…

Workout for the menstrual phase 

menstrual cycle workout plan

Begin kneeling on a mat with your right foot planted and externally rotated.

menstrual cycle workout plan

Reach toward your foot as you stretch the opposite hip. Then, press away from the front foot as you reach in the opposite direction (b). Repeat 6 times on the right and 6 times on the left. 

Why this exercise is good for this point in your menstrual cycle: Opening up the hips and gentle abdominal activation promote circulation during the menstrual phase to encourage release and detoxification throughout the bleed. Movement also increases endorphins which can relieve symptoms like irritability and mood swings. 

Workout for the follicular phase 

menstrual cycle workout planUsing a light ankle band or your body’s resistance, stand with one foot outstretched and flexed, hovering above the floor.

Gently pull the knee up to bend and straighten while focusing on pulling the quadriceps up from the knee toward the hip. Repeat for 8 reps on both sides, slow and controlled. 

Why you should try this move at this point in your cycle: During the end of the follicular phase, studies have shown women to be more susceptible to knee injury. It is paramount to focus on knee alignment and muscular activation around the joint during this phase. 

Workout for the ovulatory phase 

menstrual cycle workout planBegin standing in a staggered position with runner’s arms.

Load the glute and explode to hop the standing leg off of the floor. Focus on landing by rolling through the foot toe, ball, heel and activating the glutes as you do so. Repeat for about 30 seconds at high intensity on both sides.  

Why this exercise is good for this phase of your menstrual cycle: The ovulatory phase is marked by an energetic high and readiness to get up and go hard. Allow yourself the space to push further than you have during the rest of your face with interval training and harder, faster, sweatier workouts. 

Workout for the luteal phase 

menstrual cycle workout plan

Using a P.band, resistance band in hands, or your body’s resistance, begin with the feet flat and separated.

Squeeze the band and row your outside arm as you allow the hips to rotate open. Repeat on both sides, 8 reps each. 

Why you should try this exercise during this phase: The luteal phase is marked by a decline in energy and PMS – but not for long. Using slow and controlled movement to open up the hips and activate big muscle groups will help to boost those feel-good hormones and prepare the body for your bleed to come. Allow yourself to turn inward and keep all workouts to 30 minutes during this phase!

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