personal trainer ciara london shares a workout for hangovers

Feeling a little sensitive this morning? Get ready to cure your hangover with this hangover-busting workout from bulk ambassador and personal trainer Ciara London. We’ve also got some great hangover cure nutrition tips from bulk nutritionist Simon Jurkiw…

When you wake up with a hangover, a workout is probably the last thing on your mind. However, as bulk ambassador and PT Ciara London explains: ‘Getting a sweat on can work miracles for hangovers! Typical symptoms of a hangover include thirst, fatigue and muscle ache. This means weight training can often feel that little bit harder than usual when suffering a hangover.

‘However, HIIT training is designed to produce maximum sweat. In turn, this means you will naturally rehydrate your dehydrated body through your workout. It causes your kidneys to work overtime, releasing the excess toxins caused by alcohol via your urine. It’ll get you back to normal that little bit faster!’

Read on for Ciara’s hangover-busting workout!

Workout for Hangovers: Bodyweight Circuit

Warm up:

Walk Outs (1 minute)

Plank Hold (1 minute)

front plank

Workout – 10 exercises – 2 rounds:

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Repeat x 2.

1. Squat Pulse

Squat pulses

2. Squat Jump

3. Squats Toe Tap

4. Starjump

5. Step Lunges


6. Squat Starjump

7. Jump Lunges

8. Plank Shoulder Tap

workout for hangover

9. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers

10. Crunches

crunches sit ups

Beating your hangover: a nutritionist’s advice

woman eating in bed beat hangover with workout and nutrition tips

It’s important to replenish your vitamin and mineral levels after a night on the booze

Still feeling rough? bulk’s expert nutritionist, Simon Jurkiw, tips the foods, drinks and supplements which can help ease some of the most common hangover symptoms…

Replenishing vitamins and minerals:

Your vitamin and mineral levels are greatly depleted through excessive alcohol consumption. Simon suggests taking multivitamin tablets along with a nourishing breakfast to replenish these levels. ‘Several vitamins, including vitamin C and E, help protect the body’s cells against oxidative stress and damage. Try the bulk Complete Multivitamin Complex tablets. These contain over 30 active ingredients, which can help replenish the body.’
Simon also recommends trying Coconut Water to top up your vitamin and mineral levels. ‘Coconut water is a natural source of key vitamins and minerals. It’s rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and electrolytes, making it an excellent way to replenish those micronutrients lost to alcohol.’ You could also try the bulk Coconut Water Powder, which you can simply mix with water.


Dehydration is one of the main causes of painful hangover symptoms. Simon explains, ‘Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning people pee more when they drink it! This, in turn, leads to dehydration.’
To prevent dehydration, Simon recommends drinking water both during and after consuming alcohol. He adds: ‘You could also add some bulk Electrolyte Powder to your water or drink an isotonic Hydration Drink from bulk. These will help you maintain optimum hydration levels and also replenish electrolytes lost to alcohol.’


Tiredness is a major reason for hangover symptoms, meaning rest and recovery are essential after a night on the booze. Simon recommends you take the time to catch up on sleep or set aside time to relax when dealing with a hangover.
Simon adds: ‘You could also try bulk’s Complete Zen which can help with relaxation and mood. This is because it contains a blend of herbs, amino acids, minerals and adaptogens to create a calming supplement – a great way to combat the dreaded “hangxiety”!’

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