We’re all about loving fitness for the sake of fitness – however, a little extra incentive never hurts. That’s where Step App comes in. This new app is a key player in an emerging category of tech enabled fitness, which has been dubbed Move to Earn – and it’s as simple as that. By completing daily activities, upping your step count and taking part in fitness games and tournaments, you’ll be rewarded with crypto currency.

What is Step App?

Whether you’re a keen dog walker, a casual jogger or an avid runner, Step App allows you to monetize your healthy habits while getting fitter and socializing with people around the world. The app uses geolocation technology to track users’ step counts, which are then used to determine rewards, offering a helpful incentive to anyone looking to up their daily activity.

The platform works as a gamified metaverse, encouraging users to build a more active lifestyle through engaging Web 3 gaming elements and immersive augmented reality technology – not to mention the in-game token and NFT rewards.

With 80K pre signups and 100k+ organic followers on Telegram, Step App has grown into a huge digital fitness community, where users can motivate one another to stay active and turn up for daily exercise sessions.

How do I get involved in the games and competitions?

On Step App, you are welcome to simply focus on upping your step count. However, if you fancy making things a little more exciting, this app allows you to enter friendly Player Verses Player (PVP) matches with people in your local area or other countries, for a small entry fee which is added to the prize pot for tournament winners.

In the PVPs, you can compete with other players’ step counts for the chance to unlock unique skins and appear on a dedicated leaderboard.

How does the monetization work?

As you up your step count and take part in tournaments, you’ll be rewarded for your effort with a token called KCAL which you can exchange for actual fiat currency on several major exchanges. Step App’s in game token (FitFi) is the #454 most popular crypto currency in the world, out of more than 18,400 crypto currencies, and it also has more than $36 million dollars of daily trading volume. Click here to learn more.

The full version of Step App launches this July. Interested in trying out Step App for yourself? Find out more at step.app.