Weightlifter and CrossFit star, Sara Sigmundsdottir, shares her strength training journey, before telling us why women should be proud of their muscles…

sara sigmundsdottir

Sara: ‘I designed my clothing line so you can show off the muscles you’ve worked so hard for.’

What do you love most about strength training?

Sara Sigmundsdottir: ‘Before I started exercising at 17 years old – to lose weight and find a boyfriend – I’d never experienced my body being able to do all these new things through movement.

‘I found it amazing to see how my body reacted to changes and improvements in my training technique, and watch how my strength, power and physique developed when I activated different muscle groups. That’s why I fell in love with what I do.’

What was the inspiration behind your clothing line?

Sara Sigmundsdottir: ‘I’ve spent the last nine months working with WIT Fitness to create my signature training collection, Sigmundsdottir. It’s all about celebrating the bodies, efforts and capabilities of strong women everywhere, and it features lots of low-rise pants, high-neck bras and open-backed tops in unique designs, so you can show off the muscles you’ve worked so hard for.

‘In part, I was inspired by Ronda Rousey at the start of her career when she helped to create a new definition of the female body. She showed us that you can be super fit but also look feminine, and that you shouldn’t hide your muscles away just because society says women should look a certain way. I realised I’d always been ashamed of my muscles, and that meant I was also ashamed of the amazing things my body can do.’

Are you still ashamed of your muscles now?

Sara Sigmundsdottir: ‘Oh no! I’ve experienced a lot of negativity throughout the years over how my body looks but I stopped caring so much when I found CrossFit because I found something I had true passion for. When my muscles got bigger, I didn’t care quite as much because my muscles help me to do so many incredible physical things, including Olympic weightlifting.’

What’s the key to your positive mindset?

Sara Sigmundsdottir: ‘My dad is always positive. He taught me that you don’t benefit from being negative or seeing the flaws in everything. He looks for the solution in everything, and I learned that from him. Training has also given me the mental strength not to be afraid of failing, not to be afraid of letting people down, and not to be afraid of the outcome of trying something new.’

sara sigmundsdottir crossfit

Sara: ‘I want people to get a new definition of what is attractive.’

What does the future hold?

Sara Sigmundsdottir: ‘I’m dealing with an ACL tear right now and am facing surgery very soon, so my future involves a massive comeback. Hopefully, I’ll be competing at the CrossFit Games again and, in the meantime, I’ll also be focusing on my clothing line and trying to change certain stereotypes of women.

‘I want girls, and guys, to look at me and think “if she can do it, why can’t I?”. I want girls to think, “I want to look like her”, because I’m strong and for what my body can do. Ultimately, I want people to get a new definition of what is attractive, so people can find their own beauty.’

Sara’s Sigmundsdottir collection with WIT Fitness is available to purchase globally at wit-fitness.com.

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