Feel revitalised this winter with inspiration from TV presenter and entrepreneur Alesha Dixon…

Words: Suzanne Baum

Alesha Dixon could be her own golden buzzer! For the 44-year-old celebrity has a certain glow about her that is infectious. And it’s no surprise, given that the Hertfordshire-born star’s career has gone from strength to strength, making her one of the most famous names on our television screens.

Since rising to fame as a member of the pop group Mis-Teeq in 1999, Dixon has barely been out of the limelight. As well as a hugely successful music career, she won Strictly Come Dancing in 2007, which then led to a string of TV jobs. Most famously, she became a judge on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, where her bold fashion choices, joyful personality and calming nature made her a much-loved household name.

Despite having just returned from filming as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent, the mother-of-two shows no signs of slowing down. With a jam-packed diary full of television and media roles, she is also making time to oversee her wellness supplement brand NobleBlu, which she started creating during lockdown after finding it difficult to find a product range of vitamin supplements that delivered exactly what she needed.

As a busy working mum, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for Dixon to juggle it all. Yet, she manages to do it with a smile on her face. Here she shares with us her fitness, self-care, work and nutritional advice.

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‘Once I have taken some time out for me, I’m a better human being.’

How do you manage to find time to exercise whilst juggling a busy career and a family?

‘You have to find the time. I schedule workouts and prioritise them in my diary. If I don’t do this then I can fall off balance very easily. It’s essential for my week, wellbeing and focus. It’s time for me, and some self-love! When I have taken some time out for me, it ultimately serves others well as I am an all-round better human being.’

How do you stay in such great shape?

‘I have a trainer that I have worked with for over a decade – she’s like family now and we have built up a routine that I have stayed consistent with. This is key. I have weeks where I’m not as focused for many reasons, but my foundation and condition is good so I can afford to have a few days off here and there. I’m not striving for perfection anymore, I’m striving to feel good. That’s the breakthrough for me – how I feel rather than conforming to an ideal. We are all unique and perfectly imperfect as we are.’

What are your favourite workouts?

‘I absolutely love Pilates and yoga, but my favourite workout always involves weight training. It makes me feel strong and I love that feeling. It’s like having a super power! It’s nice after a few body-conditioning sessions to do lower-impact exercise like Pilates. This helps calm my energy down. I enjoy taking the time to focus on breathing and mindfulness. This is the perfect balance.’

What have been your career highlights?

‘Where do I start? I’ve been so blessed to have many highlights! From my days as a member of Mis-Teeq and travelling the world, performing, writing, working on some of the best TV shows in the world and starting my own business, I feel very lucky. I also love the fact that I am still as ambitious as I always was, and have many dreams yet to be fulfilled.’

‘Wellness’ is a real buzzword right now. How do your NobleBlu products stand out in such a busy industry?

‘It is a very busy industry, with so much choice. You can’t focus on what others are doing, but make every effort to make your brand as amazing as possible. We focus on clean, natural ingredients. We make sure we are environmentally responsible, and I practise what I preach. My lifestyle reflects the brand I am passionate about and that’s the best I can offer.’

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‘Authenticity is very important to me and you have to trust your gut and listen to the voice within as it’s your best guide.’

What life and work lessons did you learn from your incredible career path that helped you create NobleBlu?

‘It’s very important when working on any project that you stay true to what you believe in. Authenticity is very important to me and you have to trust your gut and listen to the voice within as it’s your best guide. I won’t compromise on quality, I want people to trust my word. If I say something works or it’s great, then I 100 per cent have to live by that myself.’

As someone who leads a very active lifestyle, what is your diet like?

‘I have a very balanced diet. I’m good at getting the good stuff in and treating myself whenever I want to. I also take supplements three times a day – my own ones, of course. I have NobleBlu’s Energy (£30) and Beauty (£30) in the morning, NobleBlu’s Focus (£25) and Immunity (£20) supplements in the afternoon, and Balance (£35) at night. I like routine, but I’m not afraid to fall off as I always find my way back to something that feels good.

‘We’re very thankful for the love towards NobleBlu and we’re super excited to be launching protein powders soon, as this is something that works perfectly well with the supplements. I make a protein shake after every workout so this was a no-brainer for me. It’s very important to feed your muscles when they are tired; healthy protein is a must! We are very excited to keep expanding, and not only offer more products but also act as a support for anyone who is on their wellness journey.’

Alesha Dixon: my daily diet

  • Breakfast: ‘I might have some sourdough toast topped with boiled eggs and avocado’
  • Morning snack: ‘Snacks on a good day would be carrots and cucumber, some hummus or fruit. On a treat day, it could be banana bread, pancakes or crisps’
  • Lunch: ‘A protein shake and either salad or a vegetarian burger’
  • Afternoon snack: ‘A vegetable juice fills me up when I get peckish in the middle of the afternoon’
  • Dinner: ‘This might be salmon fillets, sweet potatoes and vegetables’

For more details on NobleBlu, visit nobleblu.com.