A pioneering self-massage device, The Scar Wand is transforming the way we manage scar tissue to ease discomfort and tightness.

The Scar Wand promises to improve the mobility of scar tissue and relieve discomfort – but how does it work? We chatted to the creator of this trailblazing self-massage tool, Laura Hathaway, who designed it to break down deep scar adhesions causing discomfort and tightness…

Women’s Fitness: How did The Scar Wand originate?

Laura Hathaway: As an osteopath, I wanted to adapt the Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM) used in clinics to a safe, effective home use tool. The Scar Wand is what I came up with.

WF: What does The Scar Wand do?

LH: It mechanically breaks down scar adhesions, improving their mobility and function. Scar tissue formation limits blood flow, altering collagen synthesis and tissue regeneration, potentially leading to future injury. The Scar Wand boosts blood flow and enhances mobility, softening scars and reducing their sensitivity when touched.

WF: How did you test it?

LH: My first trial was on my husband, John, a professional MMA fighter. His post-surgery scar tissue, from a bowel removal, hindered training. I used a prototype of The Scar Wand to treat him. It increases blood flow, prompts healing, and realigns collagen synthesis for better tissue function. He now has power back in his abdominals and less pulling from his scars and has returned to the cage to fight.

WF: When did you realise its potential?

LH: I debuted it at the London Marathon Running Show, targeting scars and tendon issues like plantar fasciitis. Many of the people I treated there enquired about non-sport-related surgery scars. Their stories were very touching and it has helped people with scars from caesareans, organ transplants and even violent incidents.

the scar wand being used on tummy

‘The Scar Wand has helped people with scars from caesareans, organ transplants and even violent incidents.’

WF: Is The Scar Wand user-friendly?

LH: Absolutely. Its solid stainless-steel structure provides tissue feedback. The rounded edges make it safe and help locate deeper adhesions. You apply it to the scar, every day for a few minutes over four to six weeks. Those who have used it report significant improvements to the tissue texture. I also provide online consultations for continued support.

WF: Are there any scar types it doesn’t work on?

LH: It should not be used on hernia scars where mesh has been used or over pacemakers. Its effectiveness on burn scars is still under research and showing very positive results. It works well with scars from surgeries and tendon issues including plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, runner’s knee, and carpal tunnel.

WF: Any side effects or risks?

LH: We advise against using it on unhealed scars to prevent reopening. However, I also have developed a scar cream which can be applied after eight weeks to start the process. A new scar needs less work each time. If you need any support at all, we at The Scar Wand can help by booking you in for a free online consultation.

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