Save money, boost your health and help the planet with Green Commute Initiative’s Cycle to Work scheme.

What better time is there to start cycling to work? Now that the warm weather is here, choosing to cycle means you are choosing freedom from stressful commutes on busy roads and commuter-packed trains. You will be building exercise into your daily routine, not to mention boosting your mood, improving your fitness and saving money.

If you’re new to cycling and worried about your stamina, then take a look at ebikes. These electrically assisted bikes take the effort out of cycling, giving you a power boost when you need it, and helping you to cycle up to 15.5mph. Research shows that people using an ebike get just as fit as those using a standard pedal bike, because they ride further and convert more journeys from driving.

If you need a new bike but are worried about the cost, then you really should consider utilising the Green Commute Initiative (GCI) Cycle To Work scheme. The scheme gives you savings of 28-47% on any type of bike, all year round. But if you just want to replace or update some parts on your current bike, then you can get this through the scheme too.

The Cycle to Work Scheme is an employee benefit that is accessed via your employer who will purchase a bike voucher on your behalf. You’ll then repay them from your gross salary, which means you save the tax and NI on the value of the bike voucher. There’s no interest charged and you can repay over 12-60 manageable monthly payments. The savings you get will be based on how much PAYE tax you pay; basic rate tax payers save 28%, higher rate 42%, and highest rate 47%. There’s also no spend limit with GCI, so you can get the bike you really want. This includes ebikes, cargo bikes, trikes and folders including Brompton.

Green Commute Initiative is a scheme provider with a difference. Firstly, we are a not-for-profit social enterprise, so the only thing we are focused on is getting more people cycling. Why? Because more people ditching car journeys has a positive impact on the air we all breathe, our collective health and wellbeing, and reduces our environmental impact.

So, what are you waiting for, the warm weather won’t hang around for long. Take advantage of GCI’s speedy service and get your new bike today.

For more information, visit greencommuteinitiative.uk.