Are you looking for an all-in-one wrist-based solution for fitness, nutrition and daily health? Hoping for a sleek, stylish device to help you keep track of your fitness, calories, and lifestyle goals? Wishing you had a personal trainer to take with you everywhere? Then look no further than the Huawei Watch FIT 3, the fashion-forward square smartwatch you’ve been waiting for.

With improved health tracking capabilities, the Watch FIT 3 not only gives you daily exercise reminders to keep you on track, its upgraded global food database and new nutritional analysis makes for smarter calorie management and a hassle-free approach to nutrition. Plus, its gorgeously wearable aesthetic means it can seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, whether at the gym, in the office, playing sports or heading out with friends.

Staying on track in style

The Huawei Watch FIT 3 helps you keep on top of all your goals in one place, from nutrition to movement, and workout plans to running, so you can maintain your health and fitness targets with ease. The improved Activity Rings, daily reminders, and a variety of motivational medals help keep motivation high so you can foster a healthy lifestyle, every day.

Diving into the spec, it’s easy to see why the Watch FIT 3 will become your healthy lifestyle best buddy.

Eat: The Stay Fit App has been upgraded to offer a one-stop wrist-based personal trainer for calorie management, with a database of dietary calories across 50 countries and nutritional analysis to promote a balanced diet. Your weight management journey just became way more scientific.

Move: Having an off day? The new Smart Sports Suggestion will offer types of exercise and duration when daily activity or fat loss targets are not met – knowing you better than a personal trainer might. That’s motivation right in your hands – or on your wrist!

Fitness: The HUAWEI Health App, with its immersive audio and animation fitness guidance, offers over 660 workout modes, including exclusive fat-burning and body-sculpting sessions designed by globally renowned fitness blogger Pamela Reif.

Sport: Five new sports modes have been added including padel, esports and football. That means you now have 100+ sports modes covering urban, outdoor, campus and water activities so you never have an excuse not to enjoy movement, no matter where you are.

Running: Using the TruSport™ algorithm, the Watch FIT 3 can formulate personalised training plans based on your physical condition and running history, devising an intelligent running plan to help you succeed in your goals.

Combining aesthetics with performance

Raising the style bar in the wearable tech space, the Immersive Colour UX helps you quickly see the status of your workout with changing interface colours, so you know exactly when to push hard or ease off. Available in a variety of sleek colours, the Watch FIT 3 will suit your lifestyle on any given day with clever adjustable and interchangeable straps. Choose from classic black or white, vibrant green or cool pink ,all in skin-friendly flouroelastomer straps. The elegant white leather strap takes the Watch FIT 3 up a level in the style stakes, while the breathable grey nylon strap is robust enough to handle even the most elite of workouts.

Pioneering the fashion forward square smartwatch design and combining it with the technology and wearability you need to live your healthiest life, mean the Huawei Watch FIT 3 will help you smash your targets every day while looking great and feeling your best. Now that’s fashion squared.