With plenty of room to keep you and bubba warm on walks, these babywearing coats can be worn with a baby carrier for front- (and sometimes, back-) carrying.

Best babywearing coats for women

1. Wombat & Co Koala Babywearing Parka (£269.90)

Offering the option to wear baby both on your front and on your back – as well as being suitable for pregnancy and solo use – this coat is quite simply amazing. Water-repellent and water-resistant, it was the most weather-proof on trial, with our tester reporting that it was highly waterproof in downpours, and so (so!) cosy when freezing cold – no surprises there, given that it’s been tested to a pretty fresh -20oC! With a simple pull of the two zips, you can easily use it whether baby is facing in or out of the sling, and the puffy, lined hood was a big hit with Mum. We really liked the weight of it, too, being very warm without being too heavy (just 1.1 kgs). The parka style is also very popular among our testers– totally wearable for when your baby-carrying days are over, and even for Dad as this coat is unisex. We thoroughly recommend this coat if you’re heading out on a slightly longer walk with bubba, as it’s cut at the perfect length to keep you warm without obstructing your stride. Sure, it perhaps costs a bit more than many would normally spend on a coat, but we think it’s worth it as this coat really could be a staple for many years (and perhaps, more babies) to come.

Functionality: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Weatherproof: 5/5

2. Seraphine Long Maternity & Babywearing Puffer Coat (£219)

This coat is not only great for when you need to nip out of the door with baby, it’s also stylish enough to be worn as your daily coat – and, if you’re pregnant, there’s a zip-away side panel that can be used to accommodate your bump. Made with a natural down and feather filling, it’s extremely warm (‘close to wearing your duvet’, says the brand, and we agree!), and there’s a lot of comfort to be had from knowing that baby is equally cosy as you go about your walk. The zip panel is easy to attach (or stow away in your bag in case needed), and it’s lined in a really lovely faux-fur that seems perfectly gentle against baby’s skin. Our tester also really rated the top part of the zip, which you can unzip and flap to the side for when baby is awake, or you can zip it up higher for when baby is asleep and snugly. We wore this jacket in all weather conditions – rain, sleet, wind – and were surprised to discover it also repelled rain water fairly well (it’s shower-resistant), although as it has a down filling, perhaps don’t wear it in a downpour! It also comes in Khaki, but we really rated the black for a coat that will match anything, and disguise any spills!

Functionality: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Weatherproof: 3.5/5

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3. JoJo Maman Bebe 2 in 1 Maternity Puffer Coat (£89.50)

No need to pull at the purse strings with this coat, which offers a lot of luxe for less than £100. It’s great for the cooler months, as the synthetic padding will keep you warm when out in the elements, plus it has a hood and is showerproof for those April showers (we found it held off light rain rather well, but perhaps don’t wear it in a downpour). As well as coming with a removable panel that makes it suitable for use during pregnancy, it also has a drawstring that shapes your baby bump, and our tester thought it would be a coat she might wear after babywearing days by removing the middle section. When worn as a baby-carrying coat, you will need to purchase the separate Navy Zip-in Carrier Panel (£35.50), which comes with a detachable hood for bubba. Our tester really enjoyed using this hood when baby was turned in (lovely and snuggly!) and found it very easy to remove for when baby was turned out. Another plus point for this coat is the longer length, says our tester, who is quite tall and found that even the arms were long enough for her – something she says is a rarity! If you’re looking for a functional coat that’s also very warm and snuggly for Mum and baby when out on walks, but don’t want to break the bank getting one, we think this isa fantastic option.

Functionality: 4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Weatherproof: 4/5

4. Seraphine 3 in 1 Waterproof Maternity & Babywearing Packaway Jacket (£69)

Staying warm is one thing, but another thing that became apparent as we tested these coats was the need for a babywearing waterproof. Enter this packable, camo-print rain jacket from Seraphine, which folds away into its own pocket to form a pouch with a hook that can then be stowed in your bag or attached to the buggy. It’s just what we Mums need when we’re out walking with baby or bump and the weather takes a turn for the worse (we’ve been there, done that!). It will keep both of you dry with its elasticated hood and zip-in kangaroo panel for going over the sling. Plus, we love that the oversized style means you can easily put it on, no matter how many layers you’re already wearing.