Cover model Lisa Lanceford is the Instagram sensation behind @LisaFiitt. We caught up with her in our April issue to talk all about exercising to feel good…

When did you start personal training? Have you always been fit?

‘I’ve always been active. In school, I was one of the fittest in my whole year and I loved activities such as long jump, hurdles and distance running. But I got into personal training when I discovered weight lifting and I felt
it was a whole new challenge for my body – that’s when I really found a passion for exercise and I realised that keeping fit had a positive impact on my mental health.’

Did you instantly feel the benefits of resistance training?

‘I really enjoyed how it made me feel. I had just come out of an eight-year relationship and I wanted to feel strong. I was getting stronger physically, of course, but also mentally – it was an addictive feeling! I always feel like I’ve accomplished something when I leave the gym.’

How did you transition from personal training to ‘fitfluencing’?

‘I started posting online to help inspire others – I wasn’t really thinking anything of it; I just wanted to share my journey and content with anyone who was considering getting into training. So I posted what I thought would have helped me when I started… and now, here I am today! It still feels so surreal, and I feel very privileged to be a part of so many others’ fitness experience.’


© Photography: Anna Fowler

Tell us about your workout week.

‘Currently, I’m doing a push/legs/pull training split. I’m training legs three times a week and I’m training my upper body three times, depending on how my body feels and if I need to rest. Rest days are so important – people often leave them out of their fitness routine, but your muscles need time to recover and grow! It’s good to give your mind a rest too, so that you can stay motivated long term and avoid burn out.’

What’s your favourite workout, and why does it appeal to you?

‘I really love training all muscle groups but if I absolutely had to choose, it would be legs. I love a challenge and I find legs the hardest muscle group to train. I also really enjoy all of the compound movements you can include in a leg day – it feels like such an achievement when the workout is over.’

Is it all about exercise or do you watch what you eat as well?

‘I’m mindful about what I eat but I train five-to-six times a week, so I’m very active and therefore not strict [about what I eat] – I never tell myself I can’t have something. The key with nutrition is to be sustainable and remember that food is fuel. Your body needs it all – fat, carbs, protein – and there is no such thing as a “bad” food; it’s about moderation.’

Your husband Romane Lanceford is also a coach. What’s it like to be part of a fitness power couple?

‘We actually met on Instagram, when I had 20,000 followers and he had 30,000, so we’ve been doing it together since the beginning. It’s the best thing because we understand one another. Plus, we get to help each other towards our goals. We love doing partner workouts together.’

What inspired you to create your home workout app Strong and Sxy?

‘I launched my fitness app to help as many women as possible live a healthy and active lifestyle, in a sustainable way, while still enjoying life. It was really important to me that the app was fully customisable and hyper- personalised, because everyone is unique and everyone’s goals are unique. Members can expect an incredible training experience – whether they work out at home or in the gym – that will help transform their body and mind… plus, there are lots of yummy recipes!’

How have you kept fit during the lockdowns?

‘I’ve got a little “set-up” in my garage that I’m super grateful for, but it’s totally possible to stay fit with bodyweight workouts, too.’

What’s your fitness advice?

‘Be consistent and set short-term goals, then take each day as it comes. Most of all, enjoy yourself. Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.’