Louise Thompson: ‘Healthy eating has a huge impact on how we feel.’

We chat to TV personality, health influencer, and fitness entrepreneur, Louise Thompson, who explains how she maintains her energy levels to live life to the full…

By Joanne Ebsworth

How did lockdown affect your workouts?

‘Because I couldn’t go anywhere, I actually found I could work out more and work even harder on my two businesses, online fitness platform Trtle and activewear brand Pocket Sport.

‘I’d never exercised at home before because I thought I had to go to the gym to access the right equipment, but when I discovered just how accessible working out from home can be, I committed to four or five workouts a week instead of three, as well as hosting workouts for Trtle. Having my community of clients to focus on and engage with was an absolute lifesaver.’

Will your workouts change now that restrictions are lifting?

‘I’ve got commitments within my own training programme so I will be sticking to at-home workouts. But, I’m looking forward to getting back into the gym, doing some classes, and being instructed by other people too. I think it’s important to always keep learning.

‘We’re also hosting running clubs in the park and launching an audio-specific “back to the gym” programme that’s like having a personal trainer in your ear. I love having a workout plan to follow but it’s not always convenient to keep looking at your screen, so that will be great.’

louise thompson

Louise Thompson: ‘I like a high protein diet to fuel my workouts.’

Did your energy levels take a hit during lockdown?

‘I can’t afford to have dipping energy levels, so I take all the necessary steps to avoid that happening by prioritising my health, fitness and nutrition. According to research from California Almonds, 45 per cent of people were more tired during the pandemic even though they were at home more, and I guess a lot of it was down to poor nutrition.

‘One-in-three people are unaware of the impact that food and nutrition has on our energy levels, which is astounding to me. When I have kids, I’ll be teaching them about healthy eating from day dot because it really does have a huge impact on how we feel.’

What’s your diet regime like?

‘I enjoy three big meals a day and I only ever eat healthy snacks in between. Once you fall into an unhealthy snack pattern, it’s game over for your blood sugar levels! This makes achieving your fitness goals really hard.

‘I like a high protein diet to fuel my workouts, so almonds are a great snack as a 30g portion contains 6g of plant-based protein in one hit, and they’re so satiating. Plus, I also don’t eat too much sugar and I try to avoid anything that’s processed.’

Louise Thompson is currently working with California Almonds to highlight the connection between diet and energy levels. Click here to follow Louise on Instagram and see any updates!