2020 has taught us a few valuable lessons, but one that many have learned is the benefits that a simple home workout can bring to our physical and mental health. This home workout – complete with mobility exercises to get your body prepared – will get you fit and toned.

For many women, a 30 or 60-minute exercise session done in the comfort of their own home allows them to exercise feeling safe, comfortable and save on unnecessary time or stress.

As winter beckons, home workouts will continue to be a staple for many who are looking to start their day with a bang, sweat during their lunch break or finish the day on a high. They are inexpensive, zero travelling and you can wear what you like. Online communities like Her Spirit provide daily sessions that are supportive and allow you to interact with others or just be included. Their recent campaign, #YourBestYearYet, encourages women to make a pledge to become fitter, stronger and healthier. Physical strength empowers the mind and lowers the feelings of anxiety and depression whilst also improving confidence and self-esteem that comes with your body changing shape and feeling stronger.

The below programme put together by Melissa Young, a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach for Her Spirit. It’s a great way to get you moving, initiate stability and strengthen all parts of your body. It’s easy to adapt based on your current fitness ability and done regularly, it is a great way to make a transformation in your life. All exercises are to be performed at your own risk, if you are unsure about any exercises please check with your doctor or practitioner before attempting.


Mobility moves: 10 reps of each

Rock n Roll

Rock and Roll

Gently roll backwards and forwards from your shoulders to your lower back, tuck your knees in and feel your spine make contact with the floor.  This is a great and slightly fun way to strengthen your abdominals as well as improve coordination.

Back Rotation

Back rotation

Lie on your back with shoulders rooted to the floor.  Knees and feet together with knees bent and feet flat.  Keeping legs together, let your knees fall to the left and over to the right.  Continue this movement, allowing your back to create a little rotation. This lower back rotational stretch helps relieve tension in the lower back and trunk, gently working the core muscles to improve stability.

Leg Swings

Leg Swings

Lie on your back.  Keep shoulders and back on the floor.  Swing your right leg across your left keeping it straight and low, feel the movement in your lower back and glute.  Bring back to the start position and change leg.  Alternate leg on each rep. Both your abs and hip flexors will reap some major benefits from this move.

On all fours rotation

On All Fours Rotation

Place yourself on all fours, knees under hips and hands under shoulders.  Pull your core in so your back is straight. Start with one side and place your fingertips on your head, elbow out to the side. Rotate so your elbow touches the other forearm, then rotate back lifting the elbow towards the ceiling. Repeat this move and complete on the other side. This exercise will allow you to increase the range of rotation in your mid and upper spine.

The following exercise session is part of a pathway of progression. Start with the first and advance when you feel ready.  If you are new to exercise, then muscle soreness may occur.  This will disperse after a few days and will ease over consistent training.


Strength exercises: 2-3 Sets of 10-15 reps


Body Weight Squats

Body weight squat

Position your feet shoulder-width apart (inside of your heel in line with the outside of your shoulder). Sit back and down into your heels with your knees tracking over your feet. Keep your chest proud and back straight. When your legs make a 90-degree angle, stand up.

Wall Sits

Wall Sit

Lean against a flat wall, bend your knees and align your hips with your knees.  Keep your back straight up on to the wall.  See how long you can hold. Start with 10 seconds and work your way up to 2 minutes.

Elevated Press Up

Elevated press up

Using the base of your sofa, a step or something that gives you height, place your hands just past shoulder width and parallel to your shoulders.  Keep core tight and hips in line, lower yourself keeping shoulders 45 degrees away from your body.  Push up and repeat the movement.

Press Up from the floor

Press up from the floor

Same as above but now from the floor. Depending on your strength level you can do it with your feet on the floor, or knees on the floor.

Press Up with knee tuck

Press up with knee tuck

Same as above but after you push up, lift on to your feet and tuck one knee at a time under your core, then back to the start position.

Chair lunge

Chair or wall assisted lunges

Using the back of a chair or the wall for stability, step forward and drop your back knee directly to the floor. Both knees should be at approx. 90 degrees. Push up from the front leg to the start position.

Lunge hold with posture led shoulder press

Lunge to shoulder press

Step into the lunge and hold. Whilst holding that position, perform 5 shoulder raises keeping elbows and wrists in line with your shoulders.

Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep kickbacks

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, bend forward pushing your hips back.  Keep chest proud and back straight, lift your elbows behind you.  Keeping the shoulders still, straighten the arms back feeling the squeeze on the back of the arms, bend the elbow and repeat movement.

Raised Mountain Climbers

Raised mountain climbers

Using a chair or step, place your hands under your shoulders and hips in line with the chest. Bring one knee in at a time a repeat with a quick motion.

Single-Leg Raise

Single Leg Raises

Lying flat on the floor, arms to your side, raise one leg at a time, feeling your abdominals switch on.

Crunch/Single Leg Raise

Single Leg Raises with crunch

The same movement as above but bring your head and shoulders off the floor and hold while performing the leg raises.


C Crunch

Simultaneously, crunch and knee tuck.


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