New to running? Get started without finding it too demanding at first with our beginner’s training plan.

Before you start, we recommend that you invest in a good pair of supportive trainers suitable for your running style. Visit a specialist running store and ask the store staff to recommend several pairs of trainers for you. They should ask you how many miles per week you plan to run and what your goals are, then look at your running style on a treadmill to make a recommendation. You may need a cushioned, supportive shoe or a neutral shoe depending on your style and gait. We would also recommend you invest in a supportive sports bra designed for running such as Shock Absorber, Enell or Panache – these are all good brands for runners.

Make it a slow start

Start slowly and gradually when you run. Don’t expect to find it easy at first if you’ve not run for a long time or you’re completely new to it. Follow the programme below which will ease you in gradually. Don’t worry about speed. You will get faster as you get fitter.

Be consistent with your running

Consistency is key when it comes to getting fitter. It’s better to run two or three times a week every week than to run five times a week for a few weeks and then not run for a fortnight. It’s also important not to do overdo at first – don’t run on consecutive days, even if you feel good. Your joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles all need to get used to the high impact nature.

Tips for new runners

Here are some other useful tips for beginner runners. Read them before you start and you will find running easier and your injury risk will be reduced.

Build up speed and distance gradually and always stretch at the end of each run, holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

Beginner runner's plan