Jasmine Barnett is 28 and has two young sons. She’s a self-employed childminder from Pontefract West Yorkshire and is running the London Marathon after losing a lot of weight and recovering from a rare form of leukaemia.

What made you decide to do the London Marathon?

I entered the ballot in 2018 after losing a lot of weight, I was the fittest is ever been so decided to enter on a whim! I got the email saying I’d got a place whilst in Orlando airport, on our way home from a big family holiday. I started training straight away, but my running times weren’t improving, I tired easily and struggled with a sore ankle and throughout January 2019 I was unwell. It wasn’t until February 6th that I was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia (acute promyelocytic leukaemia). I spent a month in hospital in isolation, then the following six months having chemotherapy. I deferred my marathon place to 2020 and I’m now 18 months in remission.

Jasmine is running with her husband

Jasmine is running with her husband

Is it your first marathon?

Yes, it’s actually my first running event!

How have you coped with the uncertainty around it due to the pandemic?

It’s been incredibly hard, as I had to shield due to having leukaemia last year it’s felt like my life has been on hold for two years, not just one.

How do you feel about running it alone?

Fortunately, my husband managed to get a last-minute place to do it with me!

What will your route consist of?

We are actually going to be on holiday in Devon for the marathon, so we are unsure of our route just yet, but plan on setting off from our cottage and just seeing where we end up!

Is anyone running with you, or do you have anyone supporting you on the day?

Yes, my husband is going to do it with me and my mum is going to bring our children to different points to cheer us on.

How will you stay motivated?

I’ve trained twice for a marathon that hasn’t happened, and this time I’m determined to get my medal! I like to think I’m quite resilient so hopefully, I’ll be able to complete it.

Who are you fundraising for and why?

I’m fundraising for Leukaemia Care, as they are trying to raise more awareness for the signs and symptoms of leukaemia to make sure people are diagnosed in time as early diagnosis is crucial with leukaemia.

What are your hopes on race-day? Are you going for a time or just to finish?

I’m just hoping to finish, compared to where I was 18 months ago finishing would be an incredible achievement.