A Place In The Sun host, Danni Menzies, talks about her fitness goals and motivations, plus her top tips for exercising on holiday…

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How do you stay fit?

Danni Menzies: ‘In my early 20s, I started running a few times a week. A quick 5K is my go-to. I love reformer Pilates – it’s amazing for the core. At the moment, I’m on a bit of a mission to get as fit and strong as possible because I’m filming something in a few months that I need to be very fit for.

‘I go to F45 Training a few times a week, and a personal trainer is helping me build strength with weights. Whenever I’m on holiday, I always try to book a hotel with a half-decent gym where I’ll do a kettlebell routine, or I’ll get outside for an early morning run.’

Have you always been health conscious?

Danni Menzies: ‘When I was a teenager, I competed with horses. I loved show-jumping and dressage, and when I was at school, I was on the winning team for Scottish Equestrian Championships. I’ve also loved skiing and netball. I had some struggles with my mental health when I was in my very early 20s and found in my mid-20s that exercise really helped. It put my focus somewhere else, and I found running quite meditative. I’m always happier when I have a regular fitness routine.’

Who do you admire for their fitness motivation?

Danni Menzies: ‘My best pal, Louise Barton, a trainer at KOBOX. I love her classes. She always motivates me and gives me an energy injection when needed. We lived together for four years and still live close by.’

How do you prepare for a beach holiday?

Danni Menzies: ‘In my 20s, I lacked so much confidence and always felt uncomfortable in bikinis, which I think stemmed from doing modelling, as people critiqued my physicality in front of me, which wasn’t always nice.

‘Something clicked when I hit 30. I stopped telling myself how awful I was and changed all the negative thoughts to positive ones. I listened to guided meditations and practised affirmations, telling myself what I wanted to believe and eventually I believed it. I feel great in a bikini now. I’m not perfect, but who is? I just try to keep my internal voice positive and be grateful for what I’ve got.’

Do you and the other A Place In The Sun girls work out together?

Danni Menzies: ‘Laura Hamilton and I have met a few times on location for gym sessions, and we once got an afternoon of skiing in. I was really impressed she could keep up with me!’

What’s your training philosophy?

Danni Menzies: ‘You never regret a workout. However you’re feeling, don’t put too much pressure on yourself beforehand. Promise to just do 10 minutes and see how it goes.’

How important is what you eat?

Danni Menzies: ‘As I’m trying to get stronger, I’m using Fresh Fitness Food. It helps you achieve goals healthily. A bag of nutritious food is delivered to your door every morning with everything you need to eat that day. I have never eaten better!’

You’re leaving A Place In the Sun, what’s next?

Danni Menzies: ‘I did the show for six years and, during lockdown, realised I needed a change. I’ve been really busy since I left and it’s exciting. No two days are the same.

‘Right now, I’m on my way to the airport to fly to Morocco for a shoot with Formula E, and I’m hoping to do more on the car front. I had a great time on the show, met incredible people and went to fabulous places. I’ll miss weekends in the sunshine and my year-round tan!’

A Place in the Sun broadcasts daily on Channel 4.

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Words: Gemma Calvert | Photography: Helios Retreats