Nutrition company Grenade® provides nutritional advice and tricks to get the very best out your working day when working from home.

The lockdown situation has presented us with a number of new, some testing, challenges but working from home needn’t be one of them. Of course, it’s bound to take some getting used to; you’ll procrastinate, you’ll probably live in joggers and you’ve most likely devoured the contents of your snack drawer in the first few days. But, thanks to Grenade®, these tips should help you get back on track and into the swing of things – to get the job done!

Stick to a set workspace

From the dining table to the kitchen counter (we’ve even witnessed an ironing board being transformed into a workspace – innovation at its finest!), whatever you choose as your workspace set up, it’s important to stick to this area during your time working from home. The familiarity will resonate, and you’ll switch to work-mode when in this space, allowing you to be more productive. It’ll also allow you to separate your work life from your home life, which is super important for your productivity too.

Maintain a good food routine

One major work-from-home distraction remains the same for us all: the fridge! Deadline looming? First things first – check the fridge. Starting a new project? Brain food is in order, obviously. Food can be a remote worker’s worst enemy, whilst for some of us, it can lead us to forgetting about eating completely. Undereating and overeating are not sustainable habits and it’s time to fuel your day with nutritional essentials that do not compromise your diet.

Start the day right and opt for Grenade®’s brand-new healthier alternative bar, Reload®. Made with all-natural nut butters, the wholegrain oats provide slow-release energy to see you through your busy day. With three delicious flavours to choose from, it’ll be a challenge choosing your favourite.

Create a to-do list

Nothing new here – most of us work from a to-do list, after all. But ensuring you have a structure to your day is vital for your productivity and a great way to combat procrastination. Don’t overload your list, though. Be realistic and only add the most urgent tasks or those you are certain you can complete. Setting unrealistic goals can cause additional stress and none of us need any more of that at the moment!

Have healthy Snacks

It’s important not to overdo it with snacking and listen to your hunger signals. Overindulging comes hand in hand with that dreaded ‘sluggish’ feeling – and just like that, you’re distracted and can’t seem to get your work done. It’s time to equip you, and your drawer, with the right go-to snacks that are not only beneficial to your diet but provide the right nutritional content to see you through your working day. Grenade®’s Carb Killa® bars are an ideal mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up. High in protein and low in sugar, they are a guilt-free treat and perfect solution to curb those sugar cravings. Available in a range of flavours, from White Chocolate Salted Peanut, Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Raspberry, you will be spoilt for choice deciding which flavour to try. If you feel like a challenge, how about switching up your lockdown snacking range, with inspiration from one of these seven healthy snack ideas.

Stick to your usual routine

Try to get up and go to sleep at the same time you would during your usual working week. Although a lie in may be tempting, why not use your extra time in the morning efficiently? Whether you get up and take on a home workout, read a book or cook up a storm and create an elaborate breakfast – you will have achieved something positive before your day has even begun, which will boost your motivation. Sticking to your usual routine also provides some normality to a very uncertain time, which can be reassuring and help you stay on track.

Get outside

Try your best to get yourself some fresh air each day, if possible. It could be a quick walk around the block to clear your head or sitting out on your balcony or garden to eat your lunch. A change of scenery and some key time outdoors is sure to be a welcome break from your computer screen and will help recharge your batteries.

If you’re in need of more motivation tips, then head over to our blog, where you can read our seven simple ways to stay positive. For more information on Grenade® visit here.