Want to know how to avoid the hangover from hell? Lola Biggs registered Dietitian & Nutritionist and spokesperson for all-natural, vegan vitamin brand Together Health shares her top five tips.

Hangover cure 1: Be drink savvy

Alcohol leads to dehydration. For every alcoholic drink, have a glass of water. Add a flavour like lime, orange or lemon or try crushing fresh raspberries or watermelon into your water to make it tastier. That way you won’t get bored. Don’t mix alcohol with sugary or energy drinks and avoid salty snacks as they will make you thirsty and likely to drink more.

Hangover cure 2: Line your stomach with the right foods

Drinking on an empty tummy will irritate the lining which leads to the blood vessels swelling and the alcohol being absorbed faster into the bloodstream. Try eating high protein foods and healthy fats such as eggs, avocado, nuts and seeds. These are broken down more slowly than carbs or sugars and will stay in your stomach for longer – keeping you full. Eggs are one of my favourite morning after cures too. The liver works in overdrive to neutralise the toxin acetaldehyde using an amino acid called l-cysteine and eggs are a brilliant source of this amino acid.

Hangover cure 3: The hangover smoothie

Forget hair of the dog or soaking up the booze with a fry up. A smoothie is another great morning after rescue. It’s quick and easy to make, nutritious and works wonders at helping you rehydrate and quells hangover symptoms. Try blending frozen berries – these are rich in antioxidants, bananas as these are a great source of potassium that can help settle an upset tum, spinach, ginger and coconut water to help with hydration. Coconut water is naturally packed in electrolytes and minerals so really beneficial for the body. Booze can leave your body feeling inflamed so you might also want to incorporate some healing herbs such as curcumin and turmeric which can help treat nausea. Use fresh or a supplement such as Together Health Curcumin & Turmeric Complex, £9.99

Hangover cure 4: Supplement power

Booze zaps the body’s store of minerals including Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that helps your body recover from the ingested toxins as it speeds up metabolism and is essential for immune function and energy production. Top up your Vitamin C levels with the Together Health Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids capsules, £7.99. A great supplement to take before bed is magnesium. This helps restore magnesium, which is lost during alcohol consumption, relax blood flow to ease a pounding head and help regulate sleep levels. Try the Together Health Marine Magnesium capsules, £6.99.

Hangover cure 5: Teatime

Many people reach for the coffee thinking it will help ease a hangover, but caffeine is a stimulant that narrows the blood vessels and boosts blood pressure. I’d suggest downing a large glass of water before you go to bed to help fight the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Then try sipping some herbal teas in the morning such as fennel, nettle and aniseed as these are excellent at supporting liver detoxification and repair. Ginger, mint and lemon-based varieties also help minimise nausea and a hangover.

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